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Environmentally sound reusable packaging and waste management

Recycled Packaging is an industry-leading recycling center  — dedicated to helping reduce waste through extensive recycling services. Since the 90s, we have worked hard to provide a variety of services aimed at fostering a high level of environmental awareness — and strive to keep the world clean. Also provide packaging solutions.

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Recycled Packaging Limited is a family run business with over 40 years experience in both the waste management and packaging sectors. Although they are intrinsically interwoven, the company can be split into two main functions:

- The supply of recycled packaging materials to a wide array of customers for an equally vast array of functions

- The supply of comprehensive, tailored, waste management services for organisations of all size

Recycled Packaging Limited is dedicated to the concept of reusable packaging as this is by far the most environmentally sound and most financially rewarding means to tackle a customer's waste stream.

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Recycling Services

  • cardboard / paper

  • polythene / PET

  • glass

  • metal

  • general waste

Packaging solutions

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Recycled Packaging Limited is one of Scotland’s leading waste cardboard & paper merchants. Specialists in cardboard recycling with over 40 years experience in the industry, we are passionate about providing our customers with excellent customer service whilst achieving over 99% recycling results.

We collect loose or baled cardboard material and can supply any skips for filling. For larger producers we can also supply a range of balers to reduce your collection costs. Materials are collected by our own experienced staff using our own branded fleet of vehicles.

The high quality cardboard which we collect is re-processed following a fully closed-loop, chemical free, recycling process at our facility outside Glasgow. The finished product is used in the packaging industry and off-cuts are processed into animal bedding. Lower quality card is baled and sent to a UK paper mill for reprocessing. 

Other recycling services provided:

  • polythene/PET

  • glass

  • metal


Recycled Packaging Limited is Scotland's largest supplier of once used cardboard packaging. We specialise in the supply of a comprehensive range of cardboard cartons and layer pads which provide a cost effective and environmentally sound alternative to new packaging.

Large range of standard cardboard boxes available from stock including single wall and heavy duty double wall cardboard boxes. Supplied flat pack for easy storage. All are sorted and graded to the highest standard and many are available on a regular basis. From an Environmental point of view packing your products in used cardboard boxes is the ultimate reuse option, for each used box packed one less new box is packed thus reducing the demand for paper and energy. Also packing in used cardboard boxes may reduce your liabilities under the Producer Responsibility Obligations (packaging waste) Regulations.

Please note we do no accept walk-in buying due to insurance purposes. Idealy for removal company.



18 Garrell Road Kilsyth G65 9JX


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